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Halloween is over and FDA is through scaring patients. The trick is Sedation Dentistry!

Do you have a family member or friend that has a serious fear of visiting a dentist and receiving necessary dental treatments. The IV Sedation service at Falmouth Dental Arts may be the perfect solution. If someone you care about suffers from dental anxiety, please forward this information which explains how IV Sedation could help make dental experiences more pleasant: Do you…

C’mon…Couldn’t We All Just Brush a Little Better?

According to researchers, only 10 percent of the population brushes their teeth correctly. Let’s improve the score in Maine! Below are Falmouth Dental Arts’ top tips for brushing properly. Top Brushing Tips: Use a smaller, rather than a larger toothbrush. Electric is best! The more comfortable the brush feels to you, the more likely you are to use it twice a day….

Introducing Dr. Brian

While many of you may have already met Brian Brunacini, DDS, we’d like to introduce those who have not had the pleasure. Known around here as Dr. Brian, he was drawn to Falmouth Dental Arts because of our great staff and interest in using the best in cutting-edge techology. ┬áDr. Brian enjoys helping patients improve their dental and overall health, as well…