Diagnodent and Early Detection for Tooth Decay

The Diagnodent system is modern dental technology that has become an extremely important innovation for diagnosing tooth decay. The Diagnodent system allows the dentist to detect tooth decay at an earlier stage. This detection prevents further spread of tooth decay and allows minimally invasive dental treatments to be used. This modern technology allows us to find cavities in comparison to traditional methods, where these hidden cavities were difficult to find. Diagnodent finds cavities growing outside of the tooth and inside of the tooth as well. This leads to earlier detection and preventive screening. Several oral conditions and restoration procedures may also be prevented in the long run. Some of the restoration procedures include Root Canals, Porcelain Veneers or Crowns.

How Does Diagnodent Work?

Diagnodent is first calibrated to the tooth structure by scanning a cleaned tooth surface with a harmless laser beam. The dentist scans the teeth. A until will emit an audio signal and register a digital read-out. The digital read-out will provide a number readout that determines the health of the tooth. An alarm will sound when there is evidence of a hidden cavity. The hidden cavity is located in what appears to be a healthy tooth. There is no direct contact needed with the tooth. The laser has a specific frequency that causes tooth decay to fluoresce. The higher the amount of fluorescence detected by the machine, the greater the decay in the tooth. Clean, healthy tooth surfaces will have little to no fluorescence resulting in low readings. Decaying teeth will have fluorescence resulting in elevated scale readings.

A major benefit to the Diagnodent system is it allows the dentist to examine hard to reach areas of the teeth. The small diagnostic tips provide assessment in the hard to reach areas. This allows a much more thorough diagnostic examination and dentists are able to target and treat the small problem areas before they become major complications. In the past, it’s been difficult to detect these small cavities until further damage has occurred from the result of the cavities. The Diagnodent system is not a replacement for an oral examination. This system further enhances the dentist ability to provide a more thorough diagnostic examination and provide earlier detection of tooth decay.