Painless Dental Laser – No Drills and No Needles

Dental laser is one of the latest technologies in dental. The way it works is energy is delivered in the form of light to the area in need of treatment. Different wavelengths are used depending on what is being treated. This is a major breakthrough that benefits many patients. Dental laser can be used for procedures like removing cavities, teeth whitening, gum reshaping, and hardening the bonding materials that are used in fillings. Lasers provide precise technology for certain hard and soft tissue procedures. Dental laser works with different procedures in a variety of ways. For instance, dental laser can be used for removing cavities by the laser removing the decay within a tooth and preparing the surrounding enamel to receive the filling. The lasers are able to remove decay and diseased enamel while leaving healthy tooth structure. Teeth whitening are another procedure used with dental laser. A bleaching solution is applied to the tooth surface, and it is activated by laser energy. This will speed up the whitening process. Reshaping gums is another procedure that lasers can be used to not only reshape the gums but remove the bacteria during root canal procedures.

Laser is beneficial due to reasons listed below:

  • Stitches may not be required for procedures using soft tissue dental layers leading to a quicker healing
  • Some laser procedures may not require anesthesia
  • Bleeding is minimized
  • Dental drill and needle is no longer needed.
  • Reduce anxiety amongst patients who don’t like the drill.
  • Less noise than drilling
  • Bacterial infections are minimized
  • May preserve more healthy tooth during cavity removal

As illustrated, laser technology can improve the dental procedures by the dentist’s ability to control power output and limit the duration of exposure on the tissue. This allows treatment to a highly specific area without damaging surrounding tissues. Laser technology continues to expand and looks promising as it continues to advance and develop.