Preventing Tooth Decay with Cari-Screen

Research has shown if a person follows all of the rules of tooth etiquette, he/she can still get cavities. Cavities can result from common factors like oral hygiene, diet, dry mouth, acid reflux, and other factors not listed. The Cari-Free system is a proactive way to prevent cavities. The CariFree system was developed with the vision of helping patients become cavity free by assessing risks for dental disease, diagnosing the presence of bacteria that may lead to cavities, and treating infections with some preventive strategies.

The Cari Screen system consists of a few steps. Caries Risk Factors are identified through the use of the Cariscreen caries susceptibility test and the Caries Risk Assessment Form. Both of these screenings determine the high risk patients. Cariscreen works by swiping a special swab with a reagent that reacts in the presence of adenosine triphophospate (ATP) over several teeth. Then, the swab is placed into a CariScreen testing meter (CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Test, May 2009). The results will quickly appear.

This one minute test determines the amount of bacteria in the mouth. There is a correlation between level of bacteria present in the mouth and the risk of tooth decay. If the test results suggest moderate to high risk of cavities, a Cari-Free treatment plan can be prescribed. The treatment is a set of antibacterial mouth rinses. There is a Carifree treatment rinse and a Carifree maintenance rinse. The Carifree treatment rinse is used to reduce the bacterial infection in the mouth. This is followed by the Carifree maintenance rinse for an ongoing period of time. The goal is to reduce the amount of bacteria in the teeth in an effort to prevent cavities. Thirty days after the treatment regimen has been done, the patient is retested. If the bacteria amount drops, the patient will just continue using the Carifree maintenance rinse. However, if there have not been any changes in the levels of bacteria, the same treatment regimen will continue to be used.